White People

People of this world are very ignorant and gullible and very stupid. A lot of them believe that God is going to give them everlasting life. All they have to do is to believe that Jesus died for them. And they also think they are doing God's work by attending their false religion once a week and sing songs and listen to a sermon and throw money in the plate.
The All Mighty God is not going to give anybody everlasting life for doing basically nothing. God's people according to the scriptures defended God's word. They were attacked by the devil and the people and they were hated by the people of the world. They were thrown in jail and spat upon. That's the life that Jesus lived. But he did this to defend his Word. But the stupid people of this world think they just have to believe. They don't realize that there is work to be done.
The white people have supported these false religions that were primarily set up by white people. I speak of the white people because they present themselves to be the superior people. If they're so superior then why can't they get any healing from God when they get cancer and heart attacks.
Why didn't Steve Jobs be delivered from his sickness? Why couldn't he have gone to the Pope and asked for a blessing? The Pope who professes himself to be religious and so close to God could no help Steve Jobs. All the Pope is about is a front. He couldn't heal one person, yet people in the Bible healed people and even raised the dead.
The white  people think they're so special in the eyesight of God, yet they do not know who God is. They got people all over the world tricked with their lies that everybody in the Bible was white. Your white skin and blond hair and blue eyes is going back to the ground where it came. It's going to rot away. White people do not defend the word of God. All their phony ministers do is to raise money passing the plate, smiling and grinning and yet none of them can raise the dead or give sight to the blind.
 I speak of them because they present themselves to be the best and yet even the sun will burn them up if they go outdoors without some kind of lotion. White people are the ones who came up with atheism, denying God's existence. They can't  even make a blade of grass, yet they set themselves up as superior. They only thing they're superior in is telling lies. I will continue telling the truth.
More Truth:

Some people change what the Prophet has spoken. They say that the Prophet said that white people have the devil in them because they are white, which in incorrect. White people were born with the spirit of Satan just like the Chinese, Japanese, Puerto Ricans, all have been born with the bad spirit. Everyone is born with demons. Jesus came into the world to give people a chance to get the bad spirit out of them. That’s one of the principle things that Jesus did when he was in the world, cast the devils out of people.


People believe that they are good. The Bible says none are good. People are all lost in sin and that sin is the sin of unbelief. False religions do not teach people that they are born with the spirit of Satan. The only way you can get the bad spirit out is obeying the Word of God. And the Bible will teach to get the Spirit of God, which the Man of God has, how to get the bad spirit out.


Inviting the Lord in your heart is a false teaching. Nobody in the Bible invited the Lord in their heart. You have to get the devil out of you first before the Spirit of God will come into you. So it’s not whether you are white or black or brown or yellow it’s about believing in the Word of God.